At Valorem, we are committed to generating top-tier returns and sustainable cashflow. As a data and technology company, we create long-term value through the relentless pursuit of innovation and data-driven decision making in the development of oil and gas assets.


Valorem is actively seeking to acquire and operate oil and gas assets within the contiguous lower 48 states. With an emphasis on the Rockies and Mid-Continent, the company is focused on generating value through improved operations and advanced drilling and completions techniques.

At Valorem, data is in our DNA. From the reservoir to back office business functions, we use data and digital technology to drive every decision, as well as to automate, optimize, or streamline every possible aspect of our operations.

Whether it's the lightbulb, manned flight, or shale-focused hydraulic fracturing, most paradigm-shifting innovations were accomplished not through a single breakthrough, but instead through rapid, iterative experimentation. As innovators, we recognize that embracing data to quickly identify opportunities for improvement is the only path towards best-in-class performance. By holding ourselves accountable to the truth in the data, the Valorem team will ensure our company finishes each day better than it started.